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Entry from Sid Pedroso from Brazil
on 07.01.2013

Very good.

Entry from Jaspreet from India
on 26.12.2012

Amazing FM channel. You guys rock.

Es macht mir spaß, wenn ich Rocky.FM höre

Entry from Heleno from Italy
on 03.10.2012

Actually, this may be just a little early for loniggg on Outer Island. The first record I've found of loniggg there is about six years later, in 1884. However, the government did make sure the keepers had a good supply of firewood: the light station

Entry from Jasmine from United States
on 03.10.2012

Tiffany,I've kept up with Rachel during her binusess woes and knew she had a book in the works but didn't realize it was out. I must get it..I used to love watching her show on the Style channel, remember?? Hopping all the flea markets was great fun.

Entry from Hayri from Azerbaijan
on 01.10.2012

Wow now that you say it like that I'm even more waiting with exmeictnt for my book to arrive, I so cant wait, you looked like you had so much fun with the naughty crafters that day, you go girl, hee, hee.And you studio looks so gorgeous, I would love

Entry from Buse from Netherlands
on 30.09.2012

Ting tager tid derfor er det asoblut imponerende at Samsf8 er ne5et se5 langt som vedvarende energi-f8 som f8en nu er.Men det er se5 ogse5 frustrerende, at kendskabet til Samsf8 som vedvarende energi-f8 tilsyneladende er stf8rre i udlandet end herhj

Entry from hamlet? from Slovakia
on 30.09.2012

Det er ABSOLUT imponerende, at Samsf8 er komemt pe5 verdenskortet som en eneste5ende lokalitet for vedvarende energi. At f8en teoretisk producerer mere energi end den forbruger, er i sig selv ganske eneste5ende.Men hele denne energifest har ikke ku

Entry from Alejandro Martínez from Mexico
on 18.09.2012

Muchas felicidades, considero su estaciones como una de las mejores, tienen una gran variedad de canciones y lo mejor que es de un excelente género, muchas felicidades, sigan asi, un gran saludo a Alemania y éxito en todo.

Entry from A Baker from Canada
on 16.09.2012

tunin' in from the west coast of canada...... sounds like a good mix of tunes :)

Entry from mr. N from Russian Federation
on 03.08.2012

Тула под РОК-Н-РОЛЬНЫМ небом... РОКИ-ФМ зачетная радиоточка... пока есть такие как они, мы живем...

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